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UFO over Kremlin could be Dragonfly Drone

This object appears to be somewhat similar to the Dragonfly Drones that appeared over California in the summer of 2007.

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Darn time tourists are at it again...They no longer carry cameras and binoculars, but prefer a virtual tour. Also, this way you do not have to see them in bermuda shorts, sandals, socks, and a gimme cap. A real win-win for all! :-)

Reports say that this was a "news" drone or police drone:


Somehow, I would feel safer knowing it was time travelers or ET.

This is much more frightening, and people should seriously stop and think about this, if true (I suspect it is). A swamp possum said it best many years ago on the comics page: "We have met the enemy and he is us."

This time I am not kidding.

Why isn't the main stream media reporting on this?

@Cosmic Librarian - I couldn't agree more...

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