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UFO over Jacksonville, Texas in Google Street View

This is a pretty weird one. Apparently Google Street View captured a UFO image while recording the streets of Jacksonville, Texas.

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Look at the structure of the cloud to the left in the photo. This object is a cloud, with some light refraction going on.

It looks like part of what's obviously a huge lens flare. Intense sunlight like that can interact with camera internals to produce extraneous image artifacts. It's like most of the squashed "diamond shaped" UFOs you see on videos, which were long ago found to be due to the diamond shape of the iris inside some consumer video cameras (Panasonic being the one investigated as I recall). And yet you still sometimes see people claiming their videos show a diamond shape UFO. Funny it didn't look diamond shaped to the naked eye while they were recording it, but those tricky UFOs!

BobinNJ is correct, it's a lens flare. Here's a link showing a lens flare producing the exact same thing to the left of the sun entitled: 'Great Sand Dunes #2, complete with cheesy lens flare'.


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looks like a watercolor painted in the sky of one of the pleadian ships, darn is it just a lens flare?- oh well, Hope Whitley gets more info or the actual photo or photos from the lady and the dragon photos taken between corpus christi and san antonio a few months ago during the lull of a thunderstorm, that would be too koool!

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