Out There

UFO over Amsterdam? Strong video.

This object was picked up accidentally on by a passenger on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Dallas on March 17. The UFO appears in the first few seconds of the video, but another YouTuber has provided a stabilized image that contains enough digital information to make it clear that this is not a balloon. It was hovering in heavily monitored airspace but received no official notice that was shared with the public. To see the stabilized footage, click here.

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1). Why is the initial section of this video missing? i.e. it starts with the object in the middle of the field, where it moves to the right. What about the footage of when it came into view - why has this been edited out?

2). I find it hard to believe that he didn't see the object until he started editing the footage. Maybe that is his explanation for not following it with the camera but I just don't buy it.

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