Out There

A UFO or a plasma or...what?

This video may be something ordinary that is being taped out of focus, but if so, what is it? Your Out There editor is stumped.

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Structure of induction plasma. I found the ring shape interesting when viewed from different angles.



Fourth State of Matter.....
Given its nature, the plasma state is characterized by a complexity that vastly exceeds that exhibited in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. Correspondingly, the study of the physical and especially the electrodynamical properties of plasma forms one of the most far ranging and difficult research areas in physics today. From spiral galaxies to controlled fusion, this little-known state of matter, the fundamental state, is proving to be of ever greater significance in explaining the dynamics of the universe and in harnessing the material world for the greatest technological result.

Whatever it is, it looks out of focus to me. It could be anything, as there is unfortunately no context by which to judge it, i.e. there is no zoom-out to show us where it is being recorded from.

When stuff is zoomed in on to such a degree, the optics and digital zoom can really distort what ever it's recording and can produce quite bizarre effects.

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