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UFO motor--interesting concept

Whitley Strieber has described his close-up experience of UFO motors as involving ultra high speed rotation. This video shows a magnetic device being rotated at extremely high speed. Could this be the key to UFO propulsion?

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Nope, standard magnetic type motor, very nicely machined and shot but standard electromagnetic motor.

"...standard electromagnetic motor." Yep, it sure is, but that does not mean it could not be used to power alleged UFOS. Maybe we are attempting to think too much outside the box in terms of engineering UFOS and exotic technology. Electromagnetic energy could be the key.

Recent Dreamland interviews have discussed torsion and wormholes, which dovetails with this simple video that appears as nothing more than a kid's science fair project.

I'm with Daniel, it's not an electromagnetic motor, just a magnetic one. In particular, it's a simplified Perendev motor, using magnets with opposing polarities to produce torque: http://www.fdp.nu/perendev/

While it has perhaps nothing to do with UFOs, I think the main point here is that it's by appearances a motor that has no conventional energy input. Permanent magnets do not generate energy in and of themselves, only a static magnetic field. By conventional Newtonian physics, such a thing should not be possible due to the conservation of energy, as it would in effect be a perpetual motion machine. AKA a free energy device. I wouldn't just go fluffing it off.

The Perendev motor is unfortunately not a perpetual motion machine, as the magnets' opposing fields will weaken one-another, rendering the motor useless after a time. It's also far from being a free energy device, since it's converting magnetic force into torque--meaning that energy is simply being converted, rather than being produced from nothing.

It is remarkable how much the "knowable" people out there are so inept at stretching there imaginations. Who is to say that this, simple device will not be the bell weather to a unique technology? I find the possibilities overwhelming! If you perceive problems with this idea, then, work out methods that will bypass those difficulties... that's called innovation and progress of science. Get a grip and use that gift between your ears.

@Cosmic Librarian :
When you think about it... electro/magnetic energy is the only force sustaining the Universe as we now understand it.
EM is tens of thousands degrees more powerful that gravity and the new investigations into Plasma Physics promises to turn cosmology on its head. Reference : The Thunderbolts Project, The Electric Universe, the work of Dwardo Cardona, and many, many others. The old paradigms of cosmological science are crumbling and a new reality is emerging. See the information center at : Mikamar Publishing dot com.

Being a dreamer of possibilities is all and well, ED, but it's useless unless you're willing to do the legwork. ;)
Addressing the fatal issue with this design: Opposing magnetic field motors can only become viable if someone can find a way to make permanent magnets actually *permanent*: all permanent magnets' fields will weaken over time when exposed to another (differently aligned) magnetic field, rendering them impractical. Replacing the magnets periodically also isn't a practical solution, since it actually takes a fair amount of energy to produce magnets, involving heating the material beyond it's curie temperature and hammering it to align the dipoles. Once again, it's not free energy if the device is simply converting from one energy source into another.
The only current way of maintaining these magnetic fields is to use electromagnets--in which case you just have a conventional electric motor.
In my opinion, a true free-energy device will not have any moving parts that would otherwise sap energy away from the functioning of the device. So if the device is using spinning for anything other than a byproduct of it's output, question it.

Yes, I agree. We may not be seeing the forest for the trees, and I am very familiar with The Thunderbolts Project and The Electric Universe. ( I visit Thunderbolts.info almost daily!). A new 'spin' on things, you might say. :-)

The answers we seek may come light a bolt out of the blue...'Electric' blue, which is also very high frequency.

Over and out...

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