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A UFO during a fireworks display?

At 2:14 a dark round object moves from left to right across this video of a dramatic fireworks display in Taiwan. It is present in all of the videos of the event that we've been sent. The object could be a balloon, but its trajectory suggests controlled movement, so it qualifies as an unknown.

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Is the object in question the same size as the balloons? I am also curious about where, more precisely, to look for the object. Is it at the top, middle, or bottom of the screen? My eyes are having trouble focusing on anything subtle because this fireworks display is astonishingly beautiful! LOL! ANYONE???

~Thanks~Love To ALL~

All I can make out floating past is the balloons, too. But, damn straight, that is one hell of a spectacular fireworks show!
In other words, no apparent UFO, but thanks for the really cool video, regardless. :D

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