Out There

UFO at a baseball game?

This object was in the sky, not a CGI effect, but is it a UFO or a radio controlled blimp designed to appear to be a UFO? Frankly, without being able to gauge its size, I cannot come to a conclusion. Possible unknown.

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Firstly, who says its not CGI?

OK then, lets assume it was a real object in the sky...if you thought you were filming a real UFO, why would you linger on it for about five seconds, zoom out again, then focus on someone in the crowd and stop the filming seconds later....that just doesn't make sense to me.

Surely if that object was really there and a genuine unknown, it would warrant more attention than that?

Sherbet all your comments are the same. you are lame, redundant and boring. Move along. Nothing makes sense to you hayseed. I know, attack the post not the poster. In this case. I disagree. I remember Daniel P being attacked for disagreeing. But he was 100% correct. War at dreamland? More like a cat fight.

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