Out There

UFO appears in Taiwan lightning flash.

Look closely, you will see the UFO just briefly in the lightning. Graded  B.

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Sorry, what am I supposed to be looking at in this video?

Wait...I found it....OMG, it's a UFO that looks like a cloud!
...no wait...it is actually a cloud.

Close but definitely no cigar (shaped flying object of unknown origin).

I have genuinely no idea why this has been graded a 'B'.
I'm no paid debunker - just my honest opinion :-) Sorry.

You don't have to apologize for your double post, just apologize for all them.

No, I won't.

I was obviously feeling in a flippant mood when I posted but I stand by my initial reaction that this is a cloud and by no means warrants a grade 'B'.

I must agree with Sherbet UFO. If you place the suspect object in context with the rest of the video, you will see that it is simply more scud from the intense thunderstorm.

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