Out There

UFO abducts plane--new analysis of 2009 video.

This famous video has resurfaced in an image-stabilized format. In the original, it's much easier to see that the first object is a small plane, the second a disk. One question: why does the videographer know where to wait for the two objects to reappear after they go behind the house? Still, in this stabilized version, the motion of the second object does appear anomalous. The video was researched when it first appeared, and no record of a missing plane was ever found.

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If ( Big IF) this is authentic, then maybe we really need to be thinking outside of the box, or scrutinize what we think we are seeing. Maybe that isn't an airplane at all, but an object made to appear as an airplane, and no abduction involved at all. That would explain why no airplane was reported missing, because it wasn't really an airplane but some other aerial object in disguise.

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