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Truly remarkable new crop formation--don't miss this one!

This is one of the most extraordinary crop formations ever to appear. It's easy to dismiss as a hoax, much harder to determine how the hoaxers might have gone about creating it. In any case, it is beautiful, awe-inspring and very, very strange.

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My first impression was that this formation reminded me of the Serpent Mound in Ohio. They are different, yet oddly similar.


Again with this one, there is something that doesn't look authentic to me...and that is that the tail ends right at the tractor line. If this were imprinted from above, why would it end just there? Hmm.

i like your logic, if nature made the image, it wouldnt care about a tractor line, if aliens made the image they would only care about the tractor lines if they were aesthetically inclined and that doesnt seem to be the case. finally if fakers made the image why would they so obviously put its end on a tractor line. so... the mystery of the tractor path deepens into the realm of... coincidence? chance? the hairs are splitting. lol JK sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. I'd be more interested in if there were gravitational, magnetic or cellular anomolies that cant be faked... but that still leaves two!
have fun everyone

I decided a long time ago to get past the "real or hoaxed?" aspect of crop formations. I prefer to sit back, observe, and see how I feel about the work, just as I would with any other art form. Does it stir something within me? Does it really matter if it was made by us, or them, or both? The message in the field and how it affects your consciousness (or not) is all that matters.

There is an interview with a crop circle investigator at Veritasshow where he sais he knew (in one year) who made all of the crop circles in England except 2. So clearly they are man made. The video with the white orbs making them is an admitted fake. Don't waste Your time with crop circles.

Well said Cosmic Librarian!

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