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A Triangle UFO 'Base' Found?

Alison Kruse has been filming strange lights near her home in Pennsylvania for years. She has produced some very interesting footage, and this is no exception.

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Really fascinating footage. It would be interesting if someone could do a low flyover with a chopper during daylight and take a look and take some readings... They've probably been there for a long time. I wonder if she gets any sense of them knowing they're being filmed???

These are just jet airliners: All of these craft feature regulation aircraft navigation lighting, none exhibit any behaviour different from ordinary jet airliners, and all of them are headed either toward or away from Pittsburgh International Airport, as per Kruse's description in the video.

I agree

I'd very much like to hear Anne interview Alison. Alison may not be an authority on UFO phenomena but her experiences over the last couple of years are extremely interesting.


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