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Triangle lights filmed from plane over London

There is no reason to believe that this is a fake, but it could be made quite easily, some of the YouTube trolls have a point there. Still, it is also true that the Grays, in particular, are identified with triangular formations like this. One of the best documented abduction cases, the Corrina Saebels case, began with a sighting of such a formation, and developed into a multiple-witness abduction with both parties completely conscious as it was initiated.

There is a terrific interview from 2008 with Corrina Saebels in the Dreamland archive. To learn more, click here.

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Wow, it's the fade-out that impresses me, because my partner and I saw an extremely similar formation of 3 white lights about 30 degrees up from the horizon, while driving home at night from Atlantic City not long after 9/11/01, and in a clear sky. Just like these, the brightness faded in unison and probably within the span of about 10 seconds, while the rigid formation of the lights remained the same. Started about the brightness of Jupiter, I'd say, when we first spotted them. This was in the approximate vicinity of the Pine Barrens, NJ. Although I've heard stories of and seen videos of triangular craft, I've never seen or heard of the exact same phenomenon until this video.

This is very much like the well-documented Illinois UFO of August 21, 2004. The lights were red in the Illinois videos and they were taken at night. Also, they appeared to maintain their positions in relation to each other, even though one had the feeling that there wasn't necessarily a solid object holding them together (in the form of a giant triangle). It's interesting that this one was taken in daylight and, lo and behold, there doesn't appear to be a solid object in the sky. Anyway, that's my two cents. Hello to everyone out there in Dreamland!

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