Out There

Translucent alien appears in photo.

Whitley Strieber tells me, "on a couple of occasions, we saw translucent figures at our old cabin in upstate New York." There is no obvious reason to doubt this photograph, but, as the experts mentioned in the story say, it's impossible to be certain.

Story Source:

The main case of a translucent figure at our cabin took place on the morning after four people had been confronted separately by a gray during the night. As I walked up to the cabin, I saw a gray translucent hooded figure about four feet tall come down the porch and pass in front of me at a distance of about 50 feet. It then dashed off into the woods, darting around the trees at breakneck speed.

It appears to be a balloon or something to me. It also looks huge.
Whats so interesting about the landscape to be photographing anyway?

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