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Transformers explode in Fort Worth--but no lightning to cause it.

This is impossible. There must have been extraordinary electrostatic energy in the air. But where did it come from? How was it transmitted? This is VERY strange.

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Whoa! Definitely electrical, and I do think there was a lot of electrostatic electricity in the air, even though you may not see actual lightening. I have two personal experiences to draw on.

The first one occurred at night during a severe thunderstorm here in Central Texas. My husband and I were getting somewhat restless sleep when we heard a huge explosion. We both sat up in bed just in time to see blue sparks coming out of the gold leaf frame of a painting hanging over our fireplace. Over a period of two weeks several electrical appliances burned out in our home. The night of the storm (and after we contacted the fire department to report a burning smell in our home) we discovered the phone cord blown out in the kitchen. One other phone was ruined, but the third phone worked fine. We were grateful to our insurance agent for advising us to wait two weeks before filing the claim---he said you will find more items that have not burned out already will be burned out over a period of days, and he was absolutely right.

A few years later, we had another storm in the middle of the night. This time we heard a very loud clap of thunder that woke us up. We both sat up in bed to see a ball of blue light about the size of a basketball gently floating over the bed! It slowly dissolved and disappeared. I still remember asking my husband, "Did you see that?" His reply? "I don't know. What did you see?" :-)

The next morning I told my husband that I felt sure that we had seen ball lightening.

The day of the F5 tornado that took so many lives in Jarrel ,Texas, there was another tornado that formed over our subdivision. No one in the neighborhood had any damage, but the tornado moved south, causing damage in town and slicing an Albertsons store in two. People in the store were saved due to a quick-thinking store manager who got everyone into the the large fridge unit in the back of the store. Since then, several tornadoes have formed over our subdivision and moved on to cause damage elsewhere.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there is an ancient Native American burial mound right here in our subdivision. I have often wondered about that and the weather and events that have happened near our home. I also think that there is some kind of portal nearby, but that is a whole other story...

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