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Texas fireball now under investigation by the FAA

The fireball that crossed Texas and Oklahoma last week and was captured on a policeman's video is now under investigation by the FAA. Although it has been dismissed as a meteor, the fact that it had no glowing debris tail calls that idea into question. The object was also seen to change colors as it moved through the sky. (The video of the object appeared in Out There last week.)

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I live in north central Texas and my teenage son saw this thing while he was standing in our front yard. He said it was bright blue/green and that it did have debris falling off which was yellow and orange like the color of a normal fire.

my husband was watching tv when he felt his hair stand up on his legs so he stood up and looked outside to see this thing flying across the sky and he felt that it might not have been a meteor because of the fire red balls that came out of the tail and then turned orange and disappeared who knows we probably wont.

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