Out There

Terrifying and bizarre story may be related to Morgellons Syndrome

This is a very strange and disturbing video. Morgellons is little-understood and much debated, but we live in a world afflicted with profound pollution and profound evil, so this should be considered thoughtfully.

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Whilst listening to previous interviews and stories relating to both Morgellans and the 'Starchild' Skull, I've been struck by the similarity of 'fibrous' strands in the samples from both Morgellans sufferers and the 'Starchild' skull's bone.

I'm not sure what this means, but is there a case to look at genetic manipulation as a possible causative factor?

Interesting...It seems that there has to be more to it than making people sick, though. There are much simpler, quicker methods to do this, and from what I have read about Morgellons, it is tortuous. It also affects the emotional state and cognitive functions of the individual as well.

My feeling is that this is an experiment that has gone awry. Be sure and look at the maps that show the distribution of reported Morgellons cases.

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