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Saturday, October 31, 2015

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This sensational UFO imagery has created a high level of interest. We sent it to our experts, expecting to hear back that it was a hoax. Instead, it turns out to have an 80% chance of being authentic.

The report:

The location is interesting. About 30 mi. west of Pt. Pleasant, WV. Historically that region has been a known window for bald-faced interdimensional hanky-panky going back at least a century. If this craft is real, and assuming a straight-line flight path and constant speed, it would have passed over the Pt. Pleasant area within the previous half-hour.

With that noted, here are some observations:

1) The video camera seems to autofocus a few times for no apparent reason, but it has a believable rhythm to it that doesn't look like the grossly fake autofocusing we've seen in other videos.

2) The video cuts off before the craft disappears. But that could be a matter of the craft being invisible in the viewfinder at that point.

3) There's an extreme difference between the strong sunset light coming from below and the evening sky above, yet we see no edge modeling at all. Granted, this thing could have an exotic nonreflective surface that could explain this.

4) The sharpest still photo, when zoomed in on, looks a bit too sharp to be real, in that it seems to have none of the magnified camera shake that one would expect in a handheld shot. On the other hand, the change in perspective from one still shot to the next seems perfectly natural and it seems to match that of the video.  The difference in color between the stills and the video isn't an issue -- there can be many legitimate reasons for that.

5) Interestingly, the left "wing" looks fatter and rounder than the right in both the stills and video, in a way that seems partially but not entirely explainable as a matter of perspective.

6) The narrator gets the name of the river wrong (it's the Ohio River), so that's neither here nor there.

We'd give this an 80% chance of being real. If it is, other videos might surface, but note that it's dusk, and that -- if we're right about the craft's trajectory and speed -- it would have been passing over a mountainous, densely forested, lightly populated area for at least the previous half-hour and the subsequent half-hour.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The image below was taken by Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, one of the last men to walk on the moon. A tight triangular formation of blue lights is clearly visible on the right side of the image above the sharply upsloping rise. This is not a cluster of stars and, given the fact that it is the only thing visible in an otherwise black sky, it must have been very bright. The bright surface of the moon has washed out any starlight.

This is not a natural object. Is it therefore an alien spacecraft? That we cannot say, but it is certainly something unknown. It has not been referenced in any way by NASA. Our image has been slightly contrast enhanced using Adobe Photoshop in order to make the triangle easier to seek. It is visible in the original NASA photo.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The ten miners who report seeing three enormous black triangles pass overhead a low altitude may well be describing a genuine unknown. There have been a very large number of black triangles sighted recently. They are always silent, often at low altitude, and moving slowly. These three objects are no exception to this rule.

The UFO phenomenon has been lingering in the background for over sixty years. What would happen if it suddenly came into focus? There is really a great deal of activity lately, and mankind is approaching the environmental crisis the visitors have been warning about virtually from the beginning of the modern emergence of the phenomenon.
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Friday, October 3, 2014

A witness got in touch with Unknowncountry.com to describe the low flyover of a triangle UFO in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego last night at approximately 8:15 PM. The object was extremely low and very large. It was a dark color and he could see that it appeared to be solid. It was outlined with pale orange lights. One of the lights detached itself as the object flew directly over the witness's head, moved in a circle, and joined another of the lights. The object was absolutely silent, and so far there are no other witness reports and no known video.

San Diego is a major area for sightings of black triangles and also an important US military installation with large Marine and Navy presences. The source linked here details a number of other recent triangle sightings in the San Diego area.

If you have a sighting, report it to Whitley@Strieber.com or use the 'Report Sighting or Encounter' link on our homepage.

Friday, August 1, 2014

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This may be a dirigible (powered balloon) or a CGI effect, but it may also be another sort of object altogether, under an unknown form of power. If it's a computer graphic, it's a good one. (Can you spot a telltale that it may be?) As soon as your Out There editor saw this, I thought to myself: if the classified "TR" stealth aircraft in Whitley Strieber's book the Grays is real, this is what it would look like.

For some expert opinion, click here.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Military pilots reported a low-flying triangular UFO flying just 500 feet overhead. It was evening, but there was enough light in the sky for them to observe it in detail. It had no vertical stabilizer and had a row of pulsating white lights along its trailing edge. Flying with it was a smaller craft.

One witness said that he could see seams in the dull black material the object was made of, but no regulation anti-collision lights.

The description is similar to hundreds of others about dark colored, low flying slow triangles, and another example of how these objects just don't go away, and neither are they explained.

Monday, March 31, 2014

An Ohio family reports yet another low-flying triangle (see source link below). So I have to wonder: could the advanced surveillance craft called the TR, which is featured in Whitley Strieber's novel the Grays, actually be real? Admittedly, triangle UFO stories go back too far for them all to be called secret aircraft, but these silent, low-hovering craft, which seem to be showing up more and more often, have me wondering if perhaps Whitley knows more than he is saying. So I emailed him. 

Here is his response: "As far as I know, I made up the idea of the TR surveillance platform. But it's far from an impractical idea. It could work, actually. Every functionality and piece of hardware available in the craft I invented in the Grays is available. Put them all together and you get the TR. If it is in testing, it would be logical to start field testing here in the US rather than abroad. This way, UFO reports like this one could be read and procedures and systems evaluated based on exactly which witnesses notice them and why. So, yes, I think it's possible that these could be manmade surveillance systems in testing. As far as having inside information, though, I have none."

However, as we all know, his books do have an uncanny way of turning out to be true...


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Back in the 1970s, before the advent of the 'black budget,' the US Air Force budget included enormous expenditures for a mysterious aircraft known among air aficionados as Aurora, but being developed under the code name Bright Buzzard. For years, the USAF has denied the existence of this plane, but this photograph, taken by a plane spotter in Amarillo, Texas, may be the first actual evidence of its existence. For more, click on the source link.

At the same time that this triangle was observed over Amarillo, another, far more mysterious one flew low over witnesses in Virginia. For that story, click here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

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This triangle UFO was captured as it raced across the deep sky. The videographer comments that it couldn't be birds because when using infrared equipment, as he is doing, flocks of birds flying at night can be mistaken for UFOs. But flocks of birds don't fly in rigid formations like this. It's difficult to be certain, of course, but the formation also appears to be very high.

Here's a good story just posted on the Huffington Post by Dreamland guest and Post Weird News editor Lee Spiegel: Triangle UFOs
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

This was received in our close encounter submission form, and is typical of a number we have received recently involving close encounters with triangles.

Details of Encounter: It was Thanksgiving night, and we had just finished celebrating and my daughter said let's go for a drive see all the people at the mall who wake up early and go Black Friday shopping "biggest sale day of the year." As we are driving around I see a weird looking object with 3 white lights and my daughter says what are you looking at and I immediately pointed out the window, it was triangle in shape and was floating basically in air however it was slient, and it moved so gracefully it even looked like it started to tumble and then we lost the sighting because of the trees. We were both amazed not stop talking about it we started driving around to look to see if we could follow it but we lost it so about 15 minutes later we say lets just go home all of a sudden coming basically right in front of us maybe 75 feet above our windshield we see it up close like it was following us or knew we were looking for it!!!! we are right by a private air port but this was no airplane it was dead quite and fast moving we were so amazed we were like wait lets get a pic with our phone however by the time we snapped a pic it moved so quickly but we did catch it from a distance. I was hoping i could upload the picture. We can't figure out if its a drone or a ufo. I am staying anonymous for my own protection.

Editor's comment: There are no known drones that function like this, but it is typical of a type of triangular UFO that has been seen frequently around the world for over fifty years.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Two witnesses have separately filed reports with MUFON that suggest that they saw the same or very similar triangle UFOs 1,200 miles apart on April 27, 2013. The reports were two hours apart, the first in Tennessee and the second in Colorado. The first was described as light gray with curved angles, and the second as having 'rounded' angles and being 'white.' Both the color and the rounded angles are unusual, and do suggest that this may have been the same object.

The Tennessee witness stopped his car directly under the object and got a good view of a circle of light on its undersurface. The second, in Colorado, observed it transit the entire sky from east to west in a couple of seconds, moving at that point at very high speed.

Thanks to MUFON, UFO commentator Roger Marsh and the Huffington Post. For more information, click here.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

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This UFO video from Arizona appears to be a triangle UFO, with which Out There readers are very familiar. Of course, it could be a delta winged aircraft of some sort. It's hard to see until the third version of the clip, running at 0.65 of normal speed. Probable unknown.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Considering the location, your Out There editor has to wonder if this might not be a cloaked US spy plane of some sort. 
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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Your cynical (and oft burned) Out There editor cannot say for certain that this nighttime video is an unknown object. And the sound of an approaching helicopter suggests that something odd was taking place in the skies over an unidentified location. There is a Fox 13 chiron on the video. The problem is, none of the three Fox 13 stations in the US, in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Memphis or Tampa Bay, appear to use this particular chiron. So, is this a hoax? It's an interesting video, but until the chiron is identified the verdict has to remain: possible hoax.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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This triangle is so easy to miss, it's hard to believe that it was even spotted. But it's there. Hard to believe that this is space debris. It is also clearly visible in the photograph in NASA's gallery. To see it, click on the image to enlarge it, and look to the upper right. The NASA image can be found here.
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This photo appears on the NASA website, so it's unlikely to be a fake. The question, though, is what is this enormous triangular object near the International Space Station? NASA dismisses it as space debris, but it must be noted that a very substantial number of triangle videos and photographs have been taken from the ground in recent months.

Friday, January 18, 2013

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An Unknowncountry.com reader took this video over Phoenix on the night of January 12. This is not a formation of candle lanterns unless they are held together by a frame that is, in turn, being kept aloft by an unseen balloon. This is possible, but they would almost certainly twirl slowly if they were dangling from a balloon, and there is no evidence of that. This may be a constructed object hoax, but it may also be an unknown.

The individual who took the video has determined that the wind direction that night was westerly, but the object was moving east. Here is his full report:

I pulled in to a strip mall for work and saw this in the sky from my car.  It is a triangle of 3 lights traveling West to East, mostly white looking light with a slight yellow tint.   I saw it when it was directly in front of me facing Elliot Road from the strip mall at 1989 West Elliot Road.   Elliot is the road on the video.  It is North of me.   The lit up buildings at the end, in the direction of travel, are East of me.  There are two clips put together in this video because I still had my door closed and my seatbelt on when I began the first shot.  I stopped the camera to get out.  There were no navigation lights visible like urban aircraft would have, even as the angle changed when they flew past.  It was just these 3 single lights.   There was no noise that I heard except ground traffic.   It held the same triangle formation the whole time which is what really caught my eye.   A cursory look at wind information from that time, says that the wind should have been blowing West,  the opposite direction.
There is some small change in the formation of the triangle, especially when viewed at higher speed but it seems to reform itself to maintain the shape.   I don't know if this is a change in formation, perspective, or both.  Behind it was nothing but black background so there was no way to know how high or low it was or if I could see through the middle of the triangle shape.  It was below what appeared to be a low lying cloud layer with lots of moving mist in the air above me.  Stars were visible in the Southern sky and the horizon to the West but not where the lights were.  It was also a very cold night, around 32 degrees or so. 
The lights had a gentle flickering appearance like the flame in lanterns. On the video this appears more like the twinkling of stars but at the very beginning of the sighting I saw a detail in the light that actually appeared a little like a candle flame.  My immediate thought when it was closest to me was that I was seeing candles in Chinese lanterns or kerosine lanterns drifting silently on unseen balloons, maybe even flares drifting on parachutes.  But there was no glowing lampshade like the Chinese lanterns have, no evidence of balloons and also no lit up smoke trail like flairs have around them.  The formation was also so controlled looking that it was hard to accept it as free drifting items, even though it was silent, like watching balloons or lanterns float by.  That made me think of a military aircraft formation, but the lights were very peculiar for aircraft and they would be moving awfully fast if they were way up high.  It was also much too big a shape to be a kite or a hang glider with LED's on it.  It felt like it would be football field sized if it was only 100-500 feet above me, let alone higher.  This is what made me realize it was unusual and I should get it on video for investigation.
The video looses the lights at the end but to my eyes it never vanished or made any sudden moves. It just slowly, silently, drifted past until the dots of light were too small for the phone viewfinder to resolve anymore.  I saw it with my eyes for another minute or so before it finally traveled behind the buildings.  Total time from seeing it till it was gone, maybe 3 minutes.   
My final observation which is harder to make out on the video is that the triangle became distorted slightly as it moved the furthest away, close examination of the original footage shows this more clearly at the end.  The triangle began to get squashed looking as if the the front light was moving inward to form a vertical line.  At first I thought it was changing formation but it may also have been a perspective illusion as the angle I viewed it from changed . . or both.  The illusion would be of a larger triangle shaped object, slowly banking left.   There are clearly a bunch of optical illusions possible here which is why I am having such a hard time knowing what to make of it."

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another low flying triangle, this one in Florida. The question has to be asked: is something new going on? The number of triangle reports has increased significantly over the past year, and especially low-flying triangles.

If you wish to report a UFO sighting or close encounter to us, you can do so by clicking here.

Monday, January 14, 2013

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The now very substantial wave of triangle sightings has continued over the Detroit area, southern Canada and Michigan. The amount of UFO activity is corresponding with a significant increase in close encounter reports being submitted to Unknowncountry.com.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The number of triangle reports in the US in 2012 has been very high. The sightings are nationwide, but concentrated in the midwest. If these are drones of some kind, a massive surveillance program is under way in this country. If they are unknowns, which is what your Out There editor things, then it's STILL a massive surveillance program!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yet another close encounter with a huge black triangle. There are many, many of these cases being reported in the US midwest. Are these triangles ours or theirs? So far, the answer to that question remains unclear.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's not often that a reporter not only witnesses a UFO but files a report on it. From his paper, the Economic Voice:  “We were travelling back home from a family meal in Brecon in the dark when my youngest son pointed out a two very bright lights moving towards us from the direction of Cantref advancing at an approximated speed of 60mph in the direction of Groesffordd.”

The lights appeared to be facing down towards the ground and there was no noise coming from the craft, it was silent and my wife found this to be very unnerving, as did I.”

I caught a glimpse of a green light on the underside and my initial thought was I must be looking at the starboard light from a Hercules flying low on exercises as they frequently do in the Brecon Beacons, however there were no red port lights and then I noticed that there were another two green lights all at the other corners of what turned out to be a large black triangular shaped craft.”

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November yielded 86 triangle UFO reports in the United States. In a normal month, ten or fifteen are reported. These have been dismissed as secret US aircraft for years, but they have been reported since long before such exotic airframes were in existence. So what are they? New spyplanes that are just being deployed and perhaps tested over the US, or is this an addition to the rising number of unknowns, probably not ours, that has been going on worldwide since August?
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Wisconsin Unknowncountry readers filed this report of a close encounter with a triangle UFO on the night of October 7.

Date of Sighting/Encounter: October 7, 2012
Time of Sighting/Encounter: 8:20 P.M.

Location of Encounter: In Langlade county Wisconsin West of the town of Langlade.

Details of Encounter: On highway 64 traveling east my wife and I saw what looked like a plane or jet. Upon further observation the craft stopped and hovered over the side of the highway over some trees. We pulled the car over to see that it was triangle shaped with about 12 lights on each side. There was also a lit triangle with a half sphere towards the center of the craft. All the lights on the craft were pulsing very bright cool white, about 300 feet above the ground. As we both looked directly at the craft and the lights stopped pulsing but stayed lit. The top of the craft appeared to be backlit, with a halo of light coming from the top. We were both so awe struck that sadly and unfortunately we were not able to take a picture. It was so close and so vivid it was an image I'll never forget.

No other witnesses have filed a report from the same area, so this must remain unverified.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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These three night lights may be a group of UFOs in rough triangular formation, but there is no way to be sure given the fact that there is no detail. Local residents were shocked because of the lack of sound, and it's not likely that a UFO hoax would be perpetrated in a war zone, so these may well be genuine unknowns. Because the lights change position in relation to each other, it's not a single aircraft such as a US spy plane.

Monday, August 13, 2012

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The video is hardly conclusive, but the humming sound is very eerie and the dog's barking is typical of canine reaction to UFOs. Given the nearby thunderstorm and the lack of proper lighting, it is improbable that this is a blimp. An apparent genuine unknown, and an excellent audio catch.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

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These are not candle lanterns because of the absolute precision of the triangle. There have been a number of genuinely anomalous crop formations in that country this month, also.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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This video, taken with an infrared camera, is almost certainly authentic. However, it could as easily be a classified aircraft as a UFO from another world. Its flight characteristics, however, suggest that it is not an aerodynamic object but is staying aloft by some other means.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Of course this nighttime triangle could be something ordinary, but if so it isn't displaying anything remotely like regulation lights, and over a large European city, that is hard to do these days without an immediate challenge from military aircraft--unless, of course, they already know that it isn't a threat, and/or that there's no point in challenging it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Triangles like the one videotaped here are often seen by witnesses in the hours before close encounters, and are seen in an area where such encounters take place.
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