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Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Indian Express reports on one of a number of fireballs that were seen in Kerala last night:

"A portion of one of the mysterious fireballs seen in the sky at several places in Kerala on Friday night is likely to have landed at Karumaloor in Paravoor near here.  Immediately after the fireball was sighted at Karumaloor, fire broke out on a vacant one-acre plot in the area. The plot now has a large circular patch of burnt grass.


Fire that broke out at the site
But there was no crater, baked soil or any foreign object to confirm whether the fireball had actually hit the ground, and whether it was really a meteorite, as presumed earlier."

Kerala has been the site of a number of very unusual meteor falls, and of a 'red rain' of living material that fell in 2001. For Unknowncountry.com's many stories on this topic, click here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This could be a simple graphic, or even a common sundog, but given the witness description it also could be a real UFO. It was seen to spin, to maneuver, then to suddenly disappear. We're rating this one a possible UFO, but without video footage showing the motions that the witness describes, it's impossible to say more than that this is a very provocative story.

Monday, April 29, 2013

We have received this report from a UC reader in the Punjab. It appears to be an orb sighting, but as the witness points out, it could be something else. Your thoughts and reports are welcome in the comments section below. We have a readership in India and across Asia, so if anyone else in those areas in particular has seen anything like this recently, let us know. The motion described doesn't rule out a sky lantern moving on a steady breeze, but it is also possible that this was an unknown.

"Dear All, it was very surprising night. Some of our family members were sleeping but my younger daughter and mother suddenly woke up ( may be  for drinking water), and my daughter saw a red colored glowing ball of light, and she woke me up.  I observed that it was not a holicoper , not a airplane as there was no sound, but it was continuousely running in a horizontal motion at a continuous speed. We observed this for 7-10 minutes.

"Initially I thought that it may a lantern tied to kite or a glowing balloon but these two things either stay still or or disappear into the sky. They do not move horizontally."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Indian press is reporting that an unknown object appeared over the Reliance Industries oil refinery in Jamjagar, India. Photos were taken and the sightings were reported to Indian authorities by Reliance officials.

PMS Prasad, Reliance Executive Director, wrote to the Indian Minister of Petroleum, "On 24 January 2013 around 8.30 pm, one unidentified bright object, perceived to be of the size of a volleyball, was seen hovering over the refinery. It was seen to circle four times before disappearing. It could have been treated as a one-off occurrence, however the morning of 27 January again witnessed the same phenomenon between 6.30 and 7.00 am. Process cameras installed in the refinery caught some images."

The images have not been released, but obviously the story has a high level of credibility. The refinery is near the India-Pakistan border and is considered a high level target for terrorists. The Indian military is treating this as an incursion by an unknown form of high technology.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

There is no reason to disbelieve this story reported by India today, the Hindustan Times and other sources. Apparently a large number of glowing orbs have been seen in this isolated area by border guards, starting in August and continuing through October. There is some thought that such objects are precursors to large-scale earth changes.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

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