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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Of course this unusual Mars rock is probably just a trick of light and random erosion, but it is sufficiently regular to allow one to imagine that we might not understand Mars nearly as well as we think we do. We're not making any claims about the object beyond saying that it is as regular as if it had been carved, seems out of place in its surroundings and appears to be part of something that is buried. If a photograph like this was taken in a desert on Earth, the only question would be, 'who carved it?'

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Friday, February 7, 2014

This image was made by the Curiosity Rover. To see more, click here. The object does not appear to be a video dropout. It is something in the Martian sky. There are probably many ways to dismiss it, but the fact remains that if this was a photo taken of something in Earth's atmosphere, it would be assumed to be a plane with a short contrail. Conceivably, it's a meteor, but it could also be an unknown.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A small unknown object has been photographed on Mars by the Chemistry Camera's remote microimager. The assumption is that this is a shard of plastic from the lander itself. Whether it will be analyzed or not remains to be seen. However, if another such object should be observed, it is hoped that an analysis would take place--at least by this Curiosity fan!

"Here is the rover team's current assessment: "Curiosity's main activity in the 62nd sol of the mission (Oct. 8, 2012) was to image a small, bright object on the ground using the Remote Micro-Imager of the Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument."

"The rover team's assessment is that the bright object is something from the rover, not Martian material. It appears to be a shred of plastic material, likely benign, but it has not been definitively identified."

Our thought: the Martian surface is very old and very untouched. It would be an ideal place to locate artifacts left by alien explorers.

The object is difficult to see in the imagery provided by NASA, but you can pick it out if you enlarge the image in the article. This has been cropped from that image and the contrast slightly altered. The object is the long, pointed bit just to left of center in the frame.

Friday, August 17, 2012

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This video has been made from a series of stills taken by Curiosity every few seconds. The stills were taken approximately every second or so, judging from the fact that the shadows and the sun do not move. If you look at this in full screen mode, you will see one object rise from the surface on the horizon, and another one cross the entire horizon from left to right. It isn't clear what these objects are. Contrary to some of the commentary (it is exceptionally stupid, even for YouTube), the objects are not part of the Curiosity mission's hardware. In addition, this low resolution camera would not be able to pick up an orbiting satellite from the ground. The object that crosses the horizon must be in the atmosphere, moving rather slowly in relation to the camera, and either very large or close enough for the camera to record it.

This is an interesting and unusual video. It is not presently explained.
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