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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This is a slightly enlarged version of an image taken by an individual on June 22, 2016 while fishing on the north fork of the Yuba River in California. It was submitted to MUFON and is designated as Case Number 77296. The object was not discovered until after the photos were seen. The witness was taking pictures of the scenery at the time, and had taken three photographs in quick succession. This image appears in only one of them. It was taken in a very secluded area.

The image displays a slight distortion indicative of the fact that the object was moving at a speed so high that it registered more than once on a single frame of video.

This is unquestionably a genuine photo. The fact that the object disappeared in 1/25th of a second suggests that it is not an insect, which would have been visible in all three frames. It is not a bird. We grade it A, probable unknown.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On August 6th at 3:03 AM, I heard a loud engine noise in the sky. It sounded like a plane was going down. As it got closer it sounded a little more like a helicopter. It passed almost directly over my house in Vallejo, heading west towards the ocean. I looked out my window and saw it for only a few seconds before it passed from my view, but I saw it very clearly in the bright moonlight. It was a large diamond or kite-shaped flat craft gliding swiftly (but much more slowly than a jet aircraft. It seemed more like it was "hovering" as it moved). If I had to guess I would say it was about the size of a commercial airplane, and I think it was maybe about a thousand feet up. On each corner of the bottom surface was a dim green round light. I am still just amazed by this. Because of the loud sound I'm inclined to think this was a human-controlled or military craft. However, those lights made it just seem so different from something military. I have tried looking for pictures of military aircraft online, and have seen nothing like this. I did see one aircraft with a similar shape, but it was smaller,and without the lights. Others have suggested to me that it could be a drone, and I guess that theory is more plausible than something supernatural, but still I am intrigued and mystified by this.

I have never seen anything like this in my life, and I am 49 years old. I have had times in my life when I have been obsessed with UFOs and have very much wanted to see one, but this is the first time to see any sort of craft! I am a big fan of Whitley and have read a number of his books.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Unknowncountry reader Patrick Fernane was on the beach last November making an early morning video when a flash of light shot past and disappeared into the surf. He found that he had recorded it, and set it to Unknowncountry for analysis. These are the responses of our experts:
1. No idea what that sprite  is. It originates suspiciously close to the photographer, but on the other hand it doesn't seem to be a common object like a glowing cigarette butt, and it seems to disappear into nothing. I doubt it's CGI, and it does seem to be moving in real space as opposed to being an in-camera artifact. I have no idea what it might be.

2. I think that a cigarette butt or similar object flicked away at that speed would have spun around pretty wildly. And a glowing ember small enough to have burnt out completely would probably not have had enough momentum to have traveled that far because of wind resistance.

3. The stretched appearance it assumes is reminiscent of what are called rods, but which are actually like this, balls of light moving so fast that they make more than one impression on a single frame of film. This is moving too fast, one would think, to have been thrown. I could be a tracer bullet, but in the original video, which had sound, there is no gunshot sound at all.

To see Mr. Fernane's original video, click here.

If you have seen something similar or have any additional information for Mr. Fernane, write whitley@strieber.com or, if you are a subscriber, comment below and we will transmit the information to him.

PLEASE NOTE: When this video ends, YouTube will move you on to another video chosen by them. Unknowncountry is showing only the first video you see.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza recorded this triangle UFO in Studio City, California on July 14 at 10:52 PM. The object is not a normal display of aircraft lights and probably not a drone, given the movement of the fourth light. This is most likely an unknown.

Friday, July 18, 2014

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Here, Third Millenium's Jaime Maussan gathers a number of formation videos that are difficult to explain. They are probably not flocks of geese with the motion sped up because their positions hardly vary, and the one shot over Mexico in January has an outlier flying with a formation of 7 objects that moves in exactly synch with them.

These unusual videos represent probable unknowns.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

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This video, contributed by an Unknowncountry reader, appears to be an authentic daylight UFO capture. The object carries out a maneuver that is impossible for a plane and unlikely for a bird. It is too far away to be an insect, and it almost certainly isn't a drone, because of its shape. It appears to be avoiding something, perhaps even reacting to the fact that it is on camera.

This video was taken a year ago, but the videographer recently got extensive nighttime video in the same general area. Unfortunately, because it is nighttime video and there isn't enough detail, we can't determine whether or not it's a quadcopter.

Differentiating UFOs from lighted quadcopters can be difficult if they're off in the distance, as is the case in the night video. But this daylight video appears authentic to your Out There editor's eye.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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The lights recorded in this video appeared over Murietta, California, a few miles east of Camp Pendleton north of San Diego. Similar lights appeared in the same area a year ago. To see that video, click here.

Orange orbs are commonly seen up and down the US West Coast, often rising up out of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, because these appeared over a military base, they could always be flares. While there was an exercise taking place at Camp Pendleton on June 18, military authorities would not state that these were flares. The ones from a year ago appear more like a flare pattern.

However, on June 18, other witnesses in the Camp Pendleton/Murietta area also report strange lights, and these clearly were not flares. For their report on Open Minds, click here.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Robert Bingham has been summoning UFOs for years, and on February 14, he did this again in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. The event was witnessed, taped and photographed by many people. The objects do not appear to be balloons. We are classifying them as unknowns.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

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Historian Ellen Henry photographed a UFO over a well known local paranormal site, the Santee Edgemoore Barn, which is well known locally for ghost encounters. The object appears to be metallic, and does not show any indications of being a plane, a bird or balloon. It was not noticed at first, as Ms. Terry was taking a picture of the barn. She did not notice the object until after she had taken the shot. Immediately after doing so, her camera stopped working, which, as UFO researchers know, is, along with sudden battery depletion, a common effect. This is classed as an unknown, yet to be identified.
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