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Saturday, September 1, 2012

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This could easily be a digitally produced hoax, and the lack of any other videos or news stories about what would seem to have been a very prominent event would suggest that this is the case. Also, the video is abruptly cut off before the object does anything. Was this because the animator got tired of extending the image? It would seem that a person videotaping the real thing would have continued until it moved away, and not simply abandoned this incredible sighting right in the middle of the action. Making animations, on the other hand, is tedious, which is why most of the hoaxes we see end abruptly, usually in the middle of the action.

If the object is real, then it is an unknown, and one has to wonder what would happen if such objects appeared over not one city, but ten, a hundred, a thousand?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Local fire officials explained this object as a weather balloon released earlier in the day in Maine. However, the extreme brightness of the object raises the possibility of an internal light source.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This sighting report comes from a Boston area witness who observed the object described in Amherst, Mass. If you also saw this object, you can use the link to post a sighting report.

"I've never looked into UFO websites but would really appreciate some info. Last night I was working in Amherst nh in a private home overnight. House is located at the top of a hill with a view. Looked out the winds at about 11pm in the direction of the towns new boston, Mont vernon and Milford. I think. I thought I saw a shooting star at dirt but then watched a very very brilliant bright light in the sky at treelike height. It was gold toned and brighter than anything I've seen in the sky before. It moved a quick jerky motions up and down and side to side not in a large portion of the sky, kept right at the tree line but moved in those motions. Wish I had recorded it but I only watched it for about 2 or 3 minutes then it was gone. I do not follow UFO sightings or story's yet im not in disbelief as to what I saw, I know what I saw wasn't usual.  I've tried looking this morning on the web to see if there was anything about but haven't found anything yet, I need to know someone else saw it."
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