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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

There have been a number of UFO sightings in Arizona recently, one on April 10 which was photographed by one witness, Maricio Morales, and, according to Mr. Morales, videotaped by another witness a hundred miles away.

Approximately 10 minutes prior to the sighting, a large meteor was sighted over the region, but the anomaly does not appear to have been related to it. Mr. Morales states, "ABC15 is reporting that the photos were part of the meteor. They were not. The meteor struck about 10 minutes before I pulled over on HWY 95 and got footage of these lights. The difference in lighting you see in the photos is because I was using different settings to get a more visible photo of what they were."

The witness who wrote Unknowncountry on April 18 stated, "Last night as my husband and I were sitting outside watching our new firepit - we were in the dark with no other lights on other than a softly glowing propane fire, I looked up into the sky and to the right of Venus in the East at approximately 8:15 PM, I saw a huge upside down triangle of lights." Both husband and wife saw them, and they disappeared one by one. This is a very typical description of a nighttime UFO triangle event.

Mr. Morales' photographs could be atmospheric refractions of car lights, but not if a video was made from the opposite side of the state, and not all of Mr. Morales' photos look like refractions. The Unknowncountry witness does appear to have seen something anomalous on April 17.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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We haven't been able to find out much about this video, which is presently appearing on popular UFO YouTube sites, some of them well known for hoaxing. However, two of our experts have watched the video and report that they cannot determine that it is a fake.

Here are their comments:

Expert 1--"We could be seeing a fairly close lightning strike. Lightning can indeed proceed upward as well as downward. But there are also some questions: The camera loses focus a couple of times during the panning shot, which doesn't seem right under the circumstances. (These focus shifts are often done in CGI just to make things look "real" -- which they don't, really.) The sound of the thunder seems a bit too neatly recorded to have come from a cellphone (details and explanations on request). The lightning happens to appear neatly framed between two buildings just when the camera is pointing at it.  There are other niggles as well."

Expert 2--"It looks like lightning to me. But...that dark object it's pushing up it baffling. It looks solid and doesn't change shape. Beats the hell out of me but it's not CGI."

So there you have it. Perhaps a lightning strike, but it does appear to be pushing something upward. This could be a cloud formation, but the video is perplexing. You will find all sorts of premature and unsupportable conclusions about what this is, ranging from a "holographic test" to a "UFO going through a wormhole." In fact, it is not clear what it is. Not graded.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Have the Phoenix Lights come back? One of our photo experts comments: "If this isn't a computer-controlled array of drones (unlikely due to the brightness of the lights at a considerable distance), it could be the real thing." There are indeed a lot of UFO events taking place at present. If you get any video, send it to us. whitley@strieber.com

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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These days our skies are full of unknown objects, but many of them are known to people who are simply keeping quiet because of classification rules. These two lights, for example, could be very high altitude planes flying in formation. These would not be known aircraft, and why they would be showing lights at all isn't clear. The preponderance of evidence that these are genuine unknown.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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This UFO video from Arizona appears to be a triangle UFO, with which Out There readers are very familiar. Of course, it could be a delta winged aircraft of some sort. It's hard to see until the third version of the clip, running at 0.65 of normal speed. Probable unknown.

Monday, February 11, 2013

An Unknowncountry.com reader sends this description of orange lights south of Kingman Arizone on Route 93, between 9 and 10PM February 7. The description of the operations suggests that these were not sky lanterns, but genuine unknowns:

Saw a bright orange light n the sky, seemed pretty big, thought it could be like a tower on a hill but the light sort of...retracted, like faded away and then suddenly appeared to the right. And then another orange light appeared.

They were big and glowing and we could see little tiny white lights that sort of looked like they came from the orange light of at least near it, they sort of zipped around, almost insect like, darting away from the orange balls of light and then back.

One of the orange lights appeared to shoot straight down towards the earth and then vanished, like it didn't hit, it just shot down and then the light retracted away. It was a good 20 minutes to a half hour of activity in the sky.

We pulled our truck over to a safe spot to watch. The orange lights were more obvious and dramatic but watching closely the little specks of white lghts were actually zipping arond the sky a lot more, swinging back and turning and....just so weird.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

No reason to doubt this report. It is one of many from Arizona in recent days. Last May, there was another pilot report from Arizona. There have been many UFO reports from pilots, as pointed out by Leslie Kean in her book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials go on the Record.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watch the second light that appears in front of the storm. Just as it disappears into the top of the screen, the wings and running lights become clear. It's a plane.

Friday, July 1, 2011

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The first video may be a reflection, of course, but not the second. Thank God the videographer didn't add cheezy music! Pretty interesting, especially the second video.
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