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Supposedly fake Roswell debris footage--but is it?

More Roswell debris footage is appearing on YouTube. This is a longer version of footage that appeared on the "Alien Autopsy" special in 1995. Supposedly a hoax, but is it? 

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Although the number, appearance and "alienness" of the artifacts shown, by today's FX standards, are just not there, one can very strongly feel, from the way they are filmed, that to the individuals doing the filming they were a very big deal indeed. Also interesting, in my opinion, is the fact that although in the literature aliens are generally portrayed as having four fingers, compared to our five, the control panels shown here were designed for six-fingered hands, which, by a very suspicious coincidence, is exactly what the poor creature in the famous Roswell alien autopsy film was endowed with. Personally, I've stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago. So, also in my opinion, both films are authentic.

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