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Superior UFO report with excellent photgraphs

This very well done MUFON report includes a large number of clear photographs of a red object hanging in the air near the witness, who also provided a careful description of what was observed. Graded A.

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I am reminded of an old Saturday Evening Post cartoon: A little alien, complete with antennae and a big smile on his face is towing a huge sign that states, "Now do you believe it?".

My word, what is up with these little alien dudes? Have they lost all sense of propriety? Can't they at least TRY to hide? :-)

Of course, this object is a UFO, which means it is unidentified. It could be some sort of spy drone manufactured by actual government types, but they do need to be clued in that the color red stands out pretty well in a blue sky.

It just seems lately that UFOs, from wherever and piloted by who/whatever, are getting awfully bold, to say the least. I get the feeling that these objects are intended to be seen, photographed, and videoed. I sense a set-up, but for what reason or purpose? More smoke-screens, more teasers to keep us distracted? Is this a test? And why such a wide variety of objects in shape, form, and color?

By God, things are finally getting interesting! :-)

When I was a kid, that's the type of UFO sighting that I'd call "reverse-reconnaissance", where the craft shows up with the intent to be seen. Over the decades UFO lore has been rife with stories like this, so it's not exactly new: Don't count on this being a harbinger for something. ;)

No matter how many times I read all the documentation on this MUFON report or how many times it's stated how trustworthy you feel the photographer is I feel like someone is trying to convince me to see something that's not there. This couldn't look more like a balloon if it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the side. You can even see the string hanging down. Who is kidding whom? This is 26 pages of nonsense.

Should be the reporting standard. Absent definitive conclusions, it presents a multitude of facts in a well-organized format. Quite possibly "...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing," but beautiful form, though.

Admittedly, I did not read the whole report. But once I saw the string hanging down on what already looked like a mylar balloon, plus not seeing that there was any "non-ballistic" motion reported, I find this to be almost like a joke! And one that isn't doing the case for UFOs any favors.

"Grade A", really???

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