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Sunday Night Football UFO probably genuine unknown.

An interesting catch of a strange object flashing past during Sunday Night Football on October 31. This object is distorted because of its speed, but it clearly goes behind the church steeple, so it's large and lit internally. It is not a fast moving insect or bird near the camera, and it's moving much too fast to be a plane. Probably a genuine unknown.

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Nothing more than extreme Cowboy fans from out of town...:-)

Unfortunately, these objects are just regular aircraft. The video is time-lapse, using relatively long exposure times (aprox. 1 sec) to get the image that bright, causing the planes' landing lights to streak into a rod shape, and the strobes to be caught going off multiple times in the same exposure. Watch the movement in the street behind the trees in the lower left, the traffic behind them doesn't flow naturally, giving away the the time-lapse nature of the video.
Link to DVR-sourced video of same broadcast, watch the clock on the tower: http://tinyurl.com/5sesmge

Upon seeing the object in slow motion, it certainly looks like an aircraft. When I first saw this tape, I though it was a meteor and not a UFO. So I think we can chalk this one up to the FAA!

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