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Strong UFO video from Wisconsin

This doesn't appear to be a bird, plane or balloon. It's far too thin to be a balloon and in any case is not flying. It shows no reaction to the air mass at all. It is held aloft by something that does not rely on air like a wing or gas bag. Toward the end of the video, the object slowly turns end on, until it is just a dot. Could it be a CGI effect? Yes, but your Out There editor is giving it the benefit of the doubt. Probable genuine unknown.

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I'm just an amateur viewer, but that was a very compelling video - especially since we get an opportunity to see it move away.

My immediate reaction was...."very interesting"...but towards the end, I just feel it is too much of a coincidence that the object turns and moves directly away from the camera's view-point.

Well, it's either a coincidence...,'they' knew he was filming and chose that exit route...or it was the easiest thing to do in CGI....my guess, the latter.

Nice one though.

@Michael, the part you find too coincidental is actually in keeping with the astounding fact that many UFO's have demonstrated in some way or another that they know exactly who is looking at it.

@Larry, yes I agee, they have shown that in the past...an exit based on who was watching was one of my options...

...but if I were up there and knew he was filming,
* if I didn't want to be filmed, I would have got out of there a lot sooner.
* If I wanted to be on camera, a much more dramatic exit would have been perpendicular to his line of sight.
* If I didn't care, I would have gone off in any old direction and the odds are against that exit being directly away from the subject.

...but then again, who am I to judge what would make a dramatic exit, right?

I am not discounting that it could be real but this one still doesn't feel right to me.

My impression of this object is possibly it is shrinking to a dot instead of turning end on to the observer. In that case it would appear as a dot to everyone watching regardless of their viewing angle. As it moves is it going into the clouds or continuing to physically disappear?

About 5-6 years ago I saw this same sort of object/craft ? while driving west along the Western Hwy, Victoria, Australia. I saw this 5-6 times. It was way off in the distance about 2 oclock. On one occasion I saw it when I was travelling east, and that time was about 10 oclock in the sky. Most times it was towards the 2 o clock position. It wasn't facing side on as in the video, it was at an angle, but was still a very long, straight streak of ??? My intuition said it was a Mother Ship.
This trip took me about 1 1/2 hours and this object was visible all that time until I turned east off the Highway to go home. It never moved or changed shape during the time it was within sight. Occasionally there was a glint, as if it was metal reflecting the suns rays. I have wondered for 5-6 years what it was and this is the first time I have seen anything that shows the same thing I saw ! THANK YOU !!!!

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