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Strange noise and earth movement in FLA. Thanx @IQXS

This sound was recorded two nights ago. Now a researcher has found evidence of some sort of underground activity in the area at the time.

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We have at least two subscribers that live in Florida, with one of them hailing from one of the areas where the noise is being reported, so tomorrow's chat should be an interesting one.

Note that this video was actually recorded on Mar 9th, the seismographic reasings were from a similar incident on the 18th.

Could they be boring a hole for an underground base?

This is assuming that the source of the noise is actually connected to the ground. Seismic waves can be generated by sources in the air, although they need to be quite powerful. The sound in the video actually sounds more like it's above ground.

What I can't understand when these weird things happen is that no one in authority ever tries to give an explanation!!! Something is making this prolonged, very strange jet-like, blow-torch sound. Why can't our government tell us the truth?

Apparently we're having similar phenomenon in my area. You can check out the story at http://www.windsorstar.com/Windsor+Essex+being+mysterious+rumblings/4578...

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