Out There

The stick figures return. Aliens might not look like us!

A new video of stick figure aliens has surfaced. To see a strikingly similar video from 2008, click here. This is a complicated world, so you never know whether this is an elaborate spoof or not, but San Diego in 2008, then Fresno in 2011? Certainly very improbable.

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I'm sorry this one looks like two people in sheets on stilts to me. The way they move is completely different from the original video.
I think the original is real but this was done by two teenagers who saw it and thought it would be fun to hoax. Thats what it seems like. The movement is too normal and you can even see feet sticking out under the sheets.

These are some experts at walking on stilts if you ask me! It would be difficult, I would imagine, to negotiate on stilts, hidden under sheets, while also navigating down such a steep slope.

Real or hoaxed, quite the teaser...

Damn, that's 57 seconds of my life I will never get back...sigh.

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