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Stick-figure alien videos likely to be real

The two stick-figure alien videos, this on and the one from Fresno, California linked here, are both probably videos of similar anomalous creatures. The individual who was originally given the Yosemite video has done some interesting work on it that reveals the probable size of the creatures that were approaching the house. The couple who lives there had set up a surveillance camera because they had been experiencing suspicious activity around their house at night.

These are among the very few videos that might actually portray unknown creatures acting in an intelligent matter. They are also among the strangest paranormal videos ever made.

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Nah. Don't buy it.

These don't seem to be as petite nor move as irregularly in pace as the Fresno vid. Looks like a better version of the "Fact or Faked" episode replication but definetly no match!

Child n adult on a pair of stilts comes to mind, why dramatic music,? No not believing this vid im afraid.

As I commented previously, even if a hoax, I think it would be awfully difficult to negotiate down a steep hill on stilts while wearing a sheet. Forget the alien idea...Just think about going downhill on stilts---in the dark.

Hmm!!! Two heads on legs. What strange creatures? No bodies to speak of just head and legs. They don't look believable!!! And the bad rock and roll doesn't help!!!

Hi cosmic librarian,

Just read yr coment, am takin on board what you said about the stilts and the dark yeah am agreeing it probably would be difficult to perform at night, regards loobylisa

The odd movement was what caught my eye, not natural gait-wise. I think it's real, whatever that is...

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