Out There

St. Petersburg lights put on quite a show.

This could be a balloon or dirigible with strange placement of lights, but given the number of permits needed to fly such a thing in Russia, that seems doubtful. The video is not a CGI effect. Graded B. Thanks to Deb Kauble.

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This is unlikely to be an airship, since the upper three lights change position in relation to one another over the course of the video. However, there's the potential that this is an airliner receiving an accidental double-exposure effect by being shot through a window with multiple panes: The lower three lights would be the actual image of the lights, while the upper four are part of the reflection off of the window's panes. Mind you, the colours of the wing lights are too pale for that of an aircraft, and the pattern of what would be the secondary image isn't quite what one would expect from this effect, so I can only call it a possibility, not a certainty.

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