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Spectacular UFO photographed over Milan

If this is real, it is a truly spectacular series of UFO photographs. The photographer, Antonio Urzi, has photographed and videotaped UFOs over Milan many times. He claims that he is mentally called to do this. These photographs appear to be genuine, but without access to the original digital images, they are impossible to analyze.

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They look to me like small objects close to the lens rather than large objects far away.
Urzi normally video's UFO's, I wonder why he didn't video these?

These pictures are something. If they are real, how fantastic. More proof for the nay-sayers and skeptics. I would really like to believe that they are real and not fakes. Somehow they seem just too good to be true. However, that being said, I have watched the story of Urzi and I think his photos are genuine.

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