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Spectacular Mirage in China

This appears to be a simple video of a skyline, but according to witnesses, the area where the city appears is actually a forest and there is no city there. If so, this is a spectacular and inexplicable mirage. A mirage is caused when light from a distant location is refracted to another place. However, mirages are usually a short-lived phenomenon and rarely as detailed as this one.

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Was the main youtube video comment on this read before it was posted on UC???

"There may have been a translation confusion .. the lady may have been talking about the mist in the video.. " it's like something from a movie" I believe it is the fact that you couldn't see the water..and It was looking like the buildings were floating on a cloud..she was speaking about..if you check out the Coordinance 29.707978,118.313624 on Google http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/google_map_earth.htm ... there you can see the Island is really there in the water..for real .. "

"If you look on google maps you can clearly see that those buildings and´╗┐ tree's are there and they are talking about how the mist makes it look."


Clearly they were talking about the mist and not about the "mirage of the skyline". It's all there on google maps.

I sincerely hope this was a genuine mistake.

~The Video has been pulled all together!~...Oh Well...~

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