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Something Odd in Loch Ness

This image from Loch Ness was caught on a satellite camera. Some Loch Ness researchers appear to be convinced that it's Nessie. There's a speculation that it might be a boat, but that seems pretty unlikely, given the fact that it's under the surface and isn't emitting a power wake, but rather has two large appendages in the same position as the wake on the boat pictured here.

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It looks like the boat was photo-shopped out of the picture. You can see the outline of the boat pretty clearly.

Matt's correct that's it's most likely photo shopped.

Not only that, you can see the bow-shock wave and the propeller wake. So we can say that this image is the result of the movement of a displacement-hull boat (as opposed to the single v-shaped wake of a planing-hull boat). The only explanations are that either the image of the boat has been digitally removed, or that the boat was a submersible just beneath the surface. The former is the more likely.

well if its such an obvious photochop job, make us another one. Im not saying one way or another just to put up some proof.

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