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Something odd captured by car video cam in Sydney

At exactly 2:08 in on this car video cam, something strange appears in the sky. It is a narrow vertical object looking nothing like a conventional UFO, but there is no easy way to explain it. Appears to be a genuine unknown.

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I don't see anything at 2:08. Where is it?

I agree with Eddie. Where is it?

The only object I see in the sky at 2:08 is the moon to the right, which incidentally was visible over to the left much earlier in the video.

Based on what I see, I would rate this an 'E'.

[Note to self, I should try and rhyme all my ratings from now on :-) ]

Left, between the trees. It moves between the trees. Took me a while to see it but it is quite strange. For those who didn't catch it, it's worth looking again.

No, sorry, I still don't see it - I think UC are scraping the proverbial barrel with this one.

Looks like a street sign.

Yeah, the vertical thing is almost definitely a street sign. If you go to the youtube link, the video supposedly captures sphere ufos. I think it's what's visible in the sky directly ahead around 1:48. Of course they're just lights and could be anything.

OK...I can see it now. Yes, it's a street sign, viewed edge-on....definitely NOT an "unknown".

I agree with the street sign possibility. It appears to be floating because the light is bending around the bottom and blending it into the bright lower background of the sky.

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