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Sighting in Seattle yesterday evening and a possible explanation.

Unknowncountry received this well described witness report of what seems clearly to have been an unknown object over Seattle at 5:30 PM on April 26.

"Details of Encounter: I was on my deck and witnessed a ball of light rising into the air over the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. It was a sunny afternoon. At first I thought it was a Mylar balloon, but then it stopped and descended rapidly in a very straight path. It stopped and rose again in a straight line, then descended a short distance and stopped. At that point it moved to the west and stopped, moved to the east and stopped, then moved back to the area where it had been moving vertically and stopped. Each time it stopped it stayed completely motionless for a few seconds. When it moved laterally its motion was slightly wobbly. This all happened in about a minute. It would be difficult to say what its altitude was, but I don't think it rose more than 1500-2000 feet. As I watched, it came south toward me and stopped. It stood completely still in the sky for about two minutes. I decided to get my phone to take a video and went into the house for less than ten seconds. When I got back outside it was gone. I wish I had seen how it disappeared. It was definitely not a plane, helicopter, balloon, or lantern."

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This is in reply to the recent report of an object seen in the Fremont area in Seattle.
Last summer I watched a group of twenty somethings operating RC aircraft of all sorts, shapes and sizes. They seemed to be a club. Two of the craft looked very much like and behaved very much like the object described in the Fremont report. Fremont is a heavily populated, progressive neighborhood in Seattle and many strange things have happened there.

Hi EDinWAState. This is my report. I wondered at first if it might be an RC device, but when it stood in the sky it was completely stock-still for up to two minutes at a time. I have an RC helicopter and I'm familiar with RC airplanes...this object was not in any way aerodynamic. Did the craft you saw stand still in the sky? I'd be very interested to know! Thanks.

Hello Scorpionic. No. The RC aircraft I saw did not remain in one spot for two minutes. The people I watched were showing off their craft's maneuverability. I have not heard of any other report of a glowing ball of light displaying over the Fremont neighborhood. Being so heavily populated and in the heart of Seattle... that seems strange. I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to reports describing objects of unknown size when that report contains references to altitude. I often wonder what the scale of reference was? I live near a small, community airfield and I have had military experience around aircraft and to this day I cannot tell the altitude of a plane, balloon, or even a kite without a solid frame of reference. How did you determine the altitude of the object of unknown size with your unaided eye?

Hi EDinWAState. Thanks for your reply. The question of the object's altitude is a very good one, and I considered it carefully before I posted. The best I can tell you is that from my house on Queen Anne Avenue I can see the slope of the Fremont neighborhood all the way up to Maple Leaf. The object descended below the top of the hill, putting it between me and NW 85th St. It reached a height of maybe 45-50 degrees above the horizon. I should add that it seemed to intersect the flight path of the float planes that take off from Lake Union several times a day. My trigonometry is pretty rusty but I estimated the altitude as best I could. Honestly, it looked like someone in Fremont had released a Mylar balloon until it began moving strangely. This is probably more than you wanted to know but I wanted to answer your question. Thanks again.

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