Out There

Shocked teen photographs UFOs in Wigan, UK

This is an interesting photograph. Daylight objects in an organized formation, very clear. Maybe something IS about to happen--at last. And none too soon. We need help around here--if this is help...

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Interesting photo, yes. Do we need help? Yes. But from an outside source? Definitely no.

We must take charge of our own destiny and not allow it to be taken away from us and placed in the hands of an unknown entity or entities. We cannot continue to think in terms of a savior or saviors because the answers are already within us to save ourselves.

I am intrigued by UFOs and the exciting possibility of beings from another world, worlds, or dimension. However, I would love for it to be as equals, with both sides involved in give and take, and as teachers/pupils. We must NOT be in awe of them, but see them as co-creators with us.

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