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Russian saucer recovery...or scene from movie?

This video is presented as being somehow related to Wikileaks UFO information, but the connection is never made clear. It could as easily be a clip from a movie as the real thing, but if it is real, it is, of course, extraordinary.

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Story Source:

Scene from a movie.
The Secret KGB UFO Files.
TV documentary.
Hosted by Roger Moore.
Approximately 5 minutes in.

Yea, The Secret KGB UFO Files and its a great documentary ,you can watch yhe full version on google videos i think.

Its not real. The flying saucer is quite obviously a man made thing; a prop. There`s nothing extraordinary about it at all.
This film was presented by the "KGB UFO files" t.v show, but it was supposed to have been obtained from the Russian military. I think its plausible that it may have been a training film of some kind, but it is most definitely a made-up scene. There`s no way anyone would discover something like this, and then go onto to autopsy the beings in the way they were depicted, in the full video. You don`t treat the most important find in the history of mankind in that fashion. The idea is just absurd!

The position the saucer ended up in, is probably the biggest giveaway of all. There`s just no way that a crashed disk would embed itself in the ground in that fashion. Were the disk to hit the ground at a 45 degree angle, it would have smashed itself to pieces. Even if it were made of the toughest material in the universe, it would be more likely to hit the ground, bounce, travel further in a flipping motion, and either explode, or come to rest, intact, on its belly. It may even have ended up, lying against the trees. It certainly would not have embedded itself in the ground like that. I don`t want to sound like I know everything about flying saucers and how they are built, because I don`t, but the force necessary for an object like that to embed itself in the ground, would tear the hull to smithereens, before the structure could bury itself. It would be more likely to make a crater, than "slot" into the ground like that! Also: How could it possibly have come in at a 45 degree angle, with the force required to embed itself in the ground, while leaving the trees standing? As soon as it hit the tree trunk it would already have been well on its way, to having annihilated, both itself, and the trees standing in its way, before it even hit the ground a millisecond later.

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