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Russian 'dead alien' video fake--or a forced confession?

The Russian 'dead alien' video that was posted on YouTube and that appeared here is now being claimed to be a fake. According to Russian news media, the men who made the video have confessed to police that they created the dead alien out of chicken skin and old newspapers. However, it may also be that the same strong but unknown motive that compels the US government to deny the existence of UFOs in the face of plain evidence is at work here. Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure, but for another viewpoint, click here.

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Well, that explains why the body looks like cooked sausage. http://tinyurl.com/3v7kafs

The strangest thing about this story is the police work. A few days after the MVD identified the two hoaxers, with photos, two different guys were appearing before the camera to admit that they were the ones responsible.
The initial MVD press release also mentioned that they had identified the man in the video and had met him. That man is in the second duo. In other words, even though the MVD already knew the man in the video, they named two other guys.
If this is a bit confusing, I gathered what I found in a website at

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