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The Robbert van den Broeke case--his family adds their witness

The story of Robbert van den Broeke is one of the great enigmas of paranormal research. A great deal of the phenomena he reports, often leaving strong evidence in the form of crop formations near his home in Holland, photographs, and multiple witness observations, is verified. In this video, members of his family describe their own experiences with the phenomena he has been witnessing and reporting for years.

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I have been a witness of sorts, through my close friend Nancy Talbott, to the amazing paranormal phenomenon that has been manifesting through Robbert for many years now. What started with accurate premonitions of when and where crop circles would occur, as well as orb sightings; has evolved into images of dead people appearing in photos (originally film, now digital), alien beings in photos, communications from various deceased humans or spiritual beings and the appearance of very pure magnesium powder in crop circles.

Had I not been a witness to it myself (through Nancy), and seen its evolution over the years, I would have found it very hard to believe. I think Robbert's is one of the most intense 'contact' experiences going on the planet right now. I highly recommend reading the Robbert VD Broeke section of Nancy's website at www.bltresearch.com in chronological order to see how it's been changing and evolving.

You may wish to read this statement and go to Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews' page for some information regarding the actions of van den Broeke:

Statement by the Delgado family:
Alresford, Hampshire, England
May 15, 2012

It is the considered opinions of the family of Pat Delgado and his close
friend and researcher Colin Andrews that the alleged messages and
photographic images purportedly produced by the special powers of
Robbert van den Broeke were created by trickery.
This trickery involving images of Pat Delgado, a beloved husband, father, grandad
and best friend is a disgrace, which reaches a new low with the
unscientific extreme elements of the crop circle research field.
No attempts have been made to discuss these images or communications
with the Delgado family before posting them on the Internet nor it would
seem have any transparent evaluations been made by the various
camera manufactures or professional magicians etc. If they have, his
family would like the courtesy of seeing them.
Pat Delgado's family were deeply involved with his work and are
appalled at the adoption of his voice and putting at risk his high
integrity by people who never even met him. Playing with the reputation
of Pat is outrageous, despicable and unacceptable.

Issued on behalf of the Delgado Family by Colin Andrews

Yes, I'm aware of Colin's opinions on Robbert's messages from the beyond, though I think it's a case of him being jealous that he's not the one 'in' on this case. Colin accuses Robbert and Nancy of trickery in making the photos, etc., which, if you read her reports carefully, can be ruled out because of the attention to detail that she, at least, takes in documenting the photo taking. Key paranormal researchers such as the late Dr. William Roll have looked into Robbert's case and come away amazed.

By now there are many witnesses to these events, which have been captured on many different cameras or otherwise experienced directly. From what I've come to learn, Robbert is not technically savvy, and he has a friend who posts his photos and accounts on the website. The early photographic anomalies, at least, were captured on film, not digitally. He's only recently become a 'channel' of sorts for several deceased persons and other beings. I understand someone being skeptical of these admittedly far out happenings, but in that case they should offer their advice on how to better scientifically document the phenomenon that Robbert is serving as a conduit for.

Robbert is very much oriented towards the higher / deeper dimensions and is not interested if people believe him or not. He works as a medical intuitive healer. That his connection to this phenomenon has now been documented for nearly two decades, it would be one hell of an incredible hoax if Colin's opinion is to be believed. It's too bad the 'crop circle community' has become so divided on this as well as many other issues.

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