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Revealing Alien Contact Case from the UK

This hour-long interview is one of the best alien contact cases ever recorded. It is not to be missed for anyone seeking greater insight into this extraordinary phenomenon.

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At first I was intrigued by this but the more I have searched, the more I have found information suggesting that this could be a hoax...such as the following...


...with their investigation into the case as a PDF...

...I am not suggesting this is the most professional of presentations but it certainly gives another perspective on the case.

Real or not; the top image displayed at 01:14:45 is extremely intriguing. The color of that floor and the shapes.

Do you know what sherbet (love the name) someones gone to an awful lot of trouble to discredit the event now im not saying its real why do these things always look grainey we can just see enough but not clear enough to see better, to be honest i think I smell a rat but who knows perhaps this is the real deal ?

@loobylisa - I used to love those sherbet UFOs as a kid...even when they used to get stuck to the roof of my mouth (!) it was all part of the fun, I guess :-)

With regards to the original UFO report above, what I find interesting is that the person doing the discrediting, it seems, is the one who posted the original video!...it feels more like a revenge piece, to redress the balance, after he feels embarrassed he was duped into believing it in the first place.

The revenge-job PDF I linked to, looks like something out of a Star Trek fanboy website from the 90s but that is not to say he doesn't have some reasonable points to make.

Some of the pictures out of the original video do look quite compelling (if a little blurred, or grainy) and I really want it to be true but the waters have been greatly muddied by this comeback.

Is there a source for this that doesn't require disabling my ad-blocker?

Story Source (with embedded video)...

Essentially the same video on YouTube (- except there is a hoax related description with exposé link and the video has a new removable introductory overlaid message, by the original creator, explaining some changes in his views on the authenticity of the case)...

After looking at that report, it strikes me as a hoax too, and not even a very good one. That "alien" was phonier than Stan Romanek's forgery.

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