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Remarkable Surveillance Video from Naples Florida

This video is almost certainly authentic. It shows a disk appearing, then a series of events that appear to involve some sort of electrical plasma over a swimming pool. It's taken with a surveillance camera. Your Out There editor considers this one of the most unusual UFO videos ever recorded. If it isn't a hoax, and nothing would surprise me, then we are looking at an event involving very advanced technology.

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Ain't no way I would take a dip in that pool!

I hope someone posts the original video; the goddamn television station is so worried about hyping the story that you barely get to see more than 2 seconds of video between clips, comments and other usual news hype. this pisses me off so bad; do the msm media really wonder why we hate them so much?!

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with regards to this one...
to me it just looks like light diffraction patterns from water on the camera lense.

They are fascinating patterns but the assumption is that they are out there near the pool, rather than up close on the lense - an assumption that I think is wrong.

Anyway, just my honest opinion.

I was thinking the same thing, Sherbet. Like do ground sprinklers come on around the same time perhaps? The fact that nobody in the story even thought of that as a possible explanation is a little bit disturbing, not to mention the UC editor. People really can't get over what they think they're seeing and imagining sometimes. What's especially suggestive of liquid on the glass camera cover (refracting the clearly visible lights) is the fact that it "faded away" over time. Hmm, sure sounds like evaporation! That's some "very advanced technology" all right!

YOU GUYS got it.....why isn't it obvious to everyone else.....it doesn't look strange...just moisture and light refraction fading away.

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