Out There

Red triangle over England last night.

These are not candle lanterns because of the absolute precision of the triangle. There have been a number of genuinely anomalous crop formations in that country this month, also.

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Some kind of a silent, secret air craft flying because of the Olympics. Or it is a UFO!!! Why can't we be told about this stuff???

Just going to come out and say it...For years something about running lights on UFOs has never made much sense to me. Glowing craft or orbs make some sense, but an interstellar craft, powered by unknown technology and able to exceed the speed of light or traverse wormholes, and possibly jump dimensionally, with running lights? If one truly does not want to be seen, you dispense with running lights because they serve no purpose. (Is an alien really concerned about having a collision with Boeing 747?) Landing lights I get, but running lights?

These triangle-shaped craft with red running lights may be back-engineered alien technology ( or not), but my feeling is that they are definitely man-made, and the DOD or whoever developed these craft left their common sense at the door when they designed this aircraft with the idea of keeping it secret.

Most odd. I recall walking to my car very early one morning, a few years back, in the half-light and looking up. Sitting just on the boundary of the low cloud, around 200 feet up, hovering in the layers of mist and cloud over the fields, was a triangle shaped craft. It was an isosceles triangle and not equilateral like the one in this video. There were no lights, just form and it certainly looked like a physical object. I looked at it and just knew that I was being observed. I drove off pronto. Later that day I was in Tottenham, north London, and saw a flash, a twinkle, high in the sky. A couple of minutes later this strange old Woman came ambling/rolling down the road toward me. She wore a very odd hat that looked a bit like a bucket hat. She sat down on this low wall after acting very uncommonly and I took my eyes off her for a few moments to speak to a colleague (who also saw her and found her odd) and she was gone. These triangles... hmm, there's a bit more to them than meets the eye, methinks.

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