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Recurring UFO over Denver?

A Denver man has offered video to a local TV station, claiming that it shows a UFO which he tapes every few days as it moves over the city between noon and 1 pm. The man has provided video which the station has had analyzed by an aviation expert, who says that it is not a bird, a plane or an insect. It is a genuine unknown. The station has also filmed it. So far, this ranks as one of the best UFO cases in recent years.

The most famous recurring UFO case is the Camarillo UFO, which appeared around Thanksgiving over Camarillo, California for six years beginning in 1996. Subscribers can listen to Dr Roger Leir discussing the UFO in December of 2003 in a special interview in our archive.

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they move too fast to be seen with naked eyes n the tv news crew setup their own camera got something similiar.....local bases say nothing in the air at that time...hope whitley can investigate...how did this guy notice them if they move that fast...aviation guy said it it may be deis being stirred up...debris can't move that fast????

If you watch the video at around 00:40 the object seems to move around a lot like the objects in George Adamski's films from the 50s. I was always struck by how silly his films looked but witnesses at the time all confirmed the films were genuine.

If the craft are interdimensional then possibly they are actually moving in a straight line in their dimension but conformally to our 3D space it may appear 'crinkled' and their motion to us seems irregular.

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