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Real UFO footage from Chile

This report by UFO expert and reporter Leslie Kean concerns UFO footage taken in Chile and examined at a professional level of skill that shows, without question, unknown objects moving through airspace in which a military air show is taking place. The footage is real. There can be no question that these objects are unknown. So where is the New York Times? Where is the Washington Post? Where are the scientists? Hiding behind US government denial. It's completely insane.

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I was ready to start yawning at this one but I have to say, after months of low grade UFO footage in this section, finally we have something interesting to look at...

The holy grail of UFO photography has been, for decades, the photographing of a UFO from multiple viewpoints, principally to allow researchers the potential to produce more accurate estimates of the object's dimensions and flight characteristics, something that can be difficult to glean from a singular two-dimensional image. Needless to say, this occurrence has proven elusive, if for no other reason than the improbability that the same phenomena might happen to be recorded in such a manner. With this new incident, the involved researchers now have no less than seven such recordings.
This story should be front-page material for a site such as Unknown Country.

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