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Pulsing blue light over Ghana is puzzling.

This pulsating blue celestial object is not a star. Certainly, it is not a pulsar as one of the YouTube comments suggests. There are no pulsars that can be seen without powerful astronomical telescopes. The object remains a mystery. Graded B.

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It's a shame we don't have any more conext available for this video. Before the camera zooms in the object does indeed resemble Sirrius, of which even the videographer speculates about. The star would have been visible from Gahana at that time, barring adverse weather conditions, but it would be more helpful if we knew what direction the camera was facing.
For anyone looking to find Sirrius in the night sky, locate Orion, then follow the line his belt forms to the left of the constellation. You shouldn't have to go too far before running across a very bright star slightly below that imaginary line. Sirrius looks for all the world like an artificial object, flashing various colours as if it is an airliner with very bright running lights.

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