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Pro Photographs an Unusual Object over Braddock Bay, NY

The National UFO Center reports that professional photographer Jim Montanus of Montanus Photpgraphy photographed an unusual object while taking shots of an incoming storm over Braddock Bay in Greece, New York. He did not see the objects with the naked eye, but they were visible through the camera's preview window on his digital SLR.

It's not clear what the images show. Probably not lens effects, given Mr. Montanus's knowledge of cameras. If a meteor, it would appear to be moving very slowly as these are long-exposure shots. At this time, we're calling this a probable unknown.

“I was looking at these shapes on the back of my cameras and saying what IS it? I don’t believe in UFOs, but, you know, it’s just one of those things. It was just cool.”

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Whitley, this image captured by Jim Montanus/Montanus looks very similar to what I saw on May 1st.

Orange images in the sky over Lake Ontario, photographed from Braddock Bay in Greece.(Photo11: Jim Montanus/Montanus Photography)

Most people who have posted their thoughts about the images think they depict meteors. Montanus, though, isn’t convinced. “It didn’t look like a meteor to me. How a meteor would show up on the camera would be like a stream of light. These were weird, bizarre shapes. I said ‘Look at it, it’s got a parachute or something on it.’ If anything looked like a UFO, it would be that.”

This is part of what I posted after the DREAMLAND interview from last week; I also posted it in the GROUP MEDITATION.

.....Tonight (May 1st, 2014). I stepped outside onto my deck. My neighbor moved out of her house yesterday so I was curious to see if there were any lights on in the back of the house which would indicate that the new neighbors were there. (It was between 10:33 and 10:35 PM).

I look up and passing over my house there is a bright round orange orb/light. This night is cloudy so perhaps the object was distorted? BUT as crazy as this might sound, it looked like it had something attached to the backside of it (as I viewed it going past my line of vision). The something looks like an orange transparent sack/bubble; like the UFO/ORB was pulling or dragging it.

I ran inside the house to call my kids but decided it was too late THEN went back outside only to see another one passing over my house. This time I did call my daughter-in-law on the cordless phone. She went outside but was not able to see it.

The first one to pass over my house looked like something was attached but the second one did not. Both are a glowing orange. The first one was so bright I thought it was going to crash and that the appendage was actually fire. Apparently, I was wrong since I watched it move out of view.

Both were silent and moved at the same speed as an airplane. I would say they were airplanes distorted by cloud coverage BUT they were such a bright burning orange, completely silent and with orange being the only visible color... There might have been one before I stepped outside but missed it. Tonight their direction went from WEST to EAST (both of them).

There is so much of this going on around the world, basically people seeing orange lights at night, that it must be, at least in part, an unknown phenomenon. What you were seeing, for example, weren't sky lanterns I don't think, because they would not have been nearly that bright.

See Christian Lambright's excellent X DESCENDING. These photos strongly resemble the "air spike" vehicles he describes at length. These are concept craft, laser-driven, disc-shaped, which project an energy spike above the top surface to minimize air resistance. The resemblance is almost too strong to be coincidental. X DESCENDING is a fine book about the unfortunate Bennewitz affair, and I suspect most of us are ready to put that behind us. Lambright proposes the air spike craft to be a possible explanation for some of what Dr. B observed. Again, the resemblance to these photos is striking.

Take a close look at the object posted here on April 23rd under the heading:

Pilot Photographs High Strangeness UFO

Same color, and the shape is the same, except for the 'tail' that extends upwards. I feel that these are the same type of object, and this is no coincidence.

Cosmic Librarian has a point. Especially when you consider that the pro's photo was professionally set up and focussed, and the pilot's is probably off the cuff in a hurry. Keep watching the skies... .

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