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Princeton Indiana UFO photos--very striking.

The objects in the photograph shown in this news story were seen not just in Princeton, Indiana, but all over the region. They did not behave like any known object, so they are certainly classifiable as UFOs. Editor's Note: I've been editing this section of Unknowncountry since the inception of the website. There is no doubt in my mind that UFOs represent something real. And yet, we never seem to progress beyond the point of objects in the sky and a smattering of close encounters a la Whitley Strieber. I think a lot about why this would be so, and I'm glad to see Frank Feschino back on Dreamland lately, because I believe he has a big part of the answer: we shoot at them. So, what would we do if natives on some isolated island shook their spears at us when we tried to approach them? Keep showing ourselves and wait until they got used to us. 'Nuff sed!

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I saw the exact same thing she describes including sound, movement, color, grouping, etc. It was the Saturday before 4th of July (2012). They seemed glide by for about 5 minutes or so. They remained very evenly spaced, which to me, was the most notable feature, from the moment they came into view until they faded. I would estimate there were more than 30 lights total that meandered by. It was very weird. I live close to a busy airport, and 3 hospitals that have helipads. It was nothing I've ever seen in my skyline before or since. I've lived where I do for about 8 years.
I'm in central Kentucky.

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