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People Love a Lie: They're Flocking to See 'Bigfoot' Hoaxer Claims He Shot

People are pouring in to see the latest 'bigfoot' allegedly shot by Rick Dyer, who says he'll release the scientific evidence "when I'm ready." But not today. Or soon. Or, more probably, ever. Dyer was implicated in a bigfoot hoax in 2008, but claims that this time, his aim was true.

Whitley Strieber comments: "You want an audience? Simple. Lie. You'll sell out the house every time. Tell the truth, though, and you'll have four people in the room. Thing is, those four people will be really worth knowing."

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As a long-time experiencer of highly strange events, I can promise you that telling the truth will indeed clear the room. Not just because the truth is dull compared to fantastic lies, but because the truth can be too mundane and odd for most people to grasp. So: Tell the truth about the very strange and the room will clear. But as Whitley Strieber says, the folks remaining to hear your tale will be worth knowing. So true.

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