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Panther on Louisiana security video.

Black panthers are rare animals found in parts of South America and Africa, so what was a six foot long black cat doing strolling across a driveway in Folsom, Louisiana? Has it escaped from captivity, migrated north, or is this another in the long, long list of phantom cat sightings that are a worldwide phenomenon? The video is graded A. The only possible problem with it is if the angle of the shot distorted the image of an ordinary cat, making it appear larger than it is. But this is unlikely, given that nothing else in the image is distorted.

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The tan colored Mountain Lions have been in the news quite a bit lately.
Mountain Lion Sightings in Missouri at 16-Year High.....


Big Bobcat maybe?
There are supposedly no panthers in middle Tennessee. Tell this to a few rural route mail carriers and most will give out with a hearty chuckle.
15+ years ago in a rural area near Dickson TN, there were several instances of large fierce guard dogs being quite literally torn to shreds by "something". I spoke to a couple of the dog owners. They arrived home after being out for the day to find their dogs in pieces. Discussing this with my mailman later, he was convinced that panthers tore these poor dogs apart.

This does not move like a cat, in my opinion. The front legs seem to move together - it looks more like an otter to me.

There's a trick of lighting going on here: Note that as the animal crosses the driveway it increases in size by about three times. If you pause the video at 00:29 you'll get a good idea on it's actual length, although it's height is already being exagerated. At this point it's close to the yard's light source, judging by the shadows cast from the yard's other features, thus reducing the size of it's shadow. It appears to be no longer than the diameter of the RV's wheels, about the size of a large domestic puddy tat. The animal seems to be dark coloured, so it blends in with it's own shadow, of which lengthens dramatically as the animal moves further away from the light, making it appear progressivly larger as it goes.

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