Out There

Orbs over US, Europe

UFOs appear almost simultaneously over Europe and the US. One has to wonder if steadily increasing UFO activity worldwide will ever lead to any sort of climax?

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The sightings will only increase. Our government releasing what they know, will only lead to speculation. Our visitors know us pretty well, so raising our awareness themselves is the best way. Then our governments will be forced into disclosing what they know. There will still be anger about the way the it has been handled, but most of this secrecy started with another generation and the newer members are more willing to reveal what they know. It has to be a two front effort.

Question is, how close is this to happening? It seems likely to be very soon. We can handle it. Besides it is not like the way we are doing things now is working real well any way. If there is going to be change, it may as well happen while we are searching for a more stable system. Yep, some people are gonna freak. That is a given. But it will settle down eventually and we will better than we are today.

We are leaving our childhood behind.

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